Painting With Light

Painting With Light

Painting With Light

One of the most illusive but most sought after effect for many artists is the ability to put light in their painting. There are several key elements that are needed:

  • Value Contrast
  • Light Direction & Shadows
  • Reflected Light
  • Warm/Cool Color Contrast
  • Hard/soft handling of edges

Studying and correctly painting simple forms in different lighting situations is the foundation of creating the illusion of light and 3-D form.

Taking a circle and painting it as a sphere is the first step to correctly painting an apple.

Similar shadow patterns as the sphere & apple drawings above

Then start a study of the light in your painting subject.

  • How does the light strike the scene or object?
  • How do the shadows define shape and form?
  • Shadows tell the time of day, morning to dusk
  • Quality of light tells the weather conditions


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