Copy Commission

Did you find a painting that you liked but was already sold or you wish it was in a different size?

A “copy commission” is an original painting created just for you based on my original photo references and the painting that you saw on my website. Since your painting is truly an original, it will vary slightly from the first painting. The price of a “copy commission” painting is based on size and follows my current standard pricing.

Click HERE to see the price for your desired size.

Custom Commission

A “Custom Commission” is when a collector provides their own subject, idea, or photograph that they would like painted.

I work closely with the collector through a detailed process to clarify and identify what their envisioned completed painting will look like. Some collectors come to me with just a concept, others with multiple ideas, where others have a clear vision of their desired painting. Any starting point is okay and I will continue to work with you until you are satisfied prior to starting the painting.

A “custom commission” is also priced by size but at a slightly higher rate to cover the additional effort to create this truly unique piece of art just for you. See below:

Custom Commission Pricing & Shipping

The following pricing and shipping information is effective until the end of June.

All paintings larger than 12×12 are sold unframed unless specified otherwise.
This pricing sheet is for all custom commissions.

Size Unframed Framed Shipping Cost
5 x 7$195$210Free
6 x 6$200$215Free
6 x 8$220$240Free
6 x 12$290$310Free
8 x 8$275$295Free
8 x 10$320$345Free
9 x 12$420$445Free
11 x 14$555$585Free
12 x 12$545$575Free
12 x 16$675$0At Cost
12 x 24$1000$0At Cost
16 x 20$1100$0At Cost
18 x 24$1400$0At Cost
20 x 20$1300$0At Cost
24 x 30$2100$0At Cost
30 x 40$3600$0At Cost
48 x 48$4600$0At Cost
48 x 72$6000$0At Cost
(The free shipping mentioned above is only within the continental USA.)

25% An initial payment to get on my commission schedule
25% At the start of painting the commissioned piece
50% At completion prior to shipment