The following pricing and shipping information is effective until the end of June.

All paintings larger than 12×12 are sold unframed unless specified otherwise.
This pricing sheet is for my original paintings and copy-commissions.

Size Unframed Framed Shipping Cost
5 x 7$175$190Free
6 x 6$180$195Free
6 x 8$190$210Free
6 x 12$255$275Free
8 x 8$240$260Free
8 x 10$280$305Free
9 x 12$365$390Free
11 x 14$475$510Free
12 x 12$470$500Free
12 x 16$575$610At Cost
12 x 24$860$905At Cost
16 x 20$960$1005At Cost
18 x 24$1200$1250At Cost
20 x 20$1100$1150At Cost
24 x 30$1800$1880At Cost
30 x 40$3000$3100At Cost
48 x 48$3500$3630At Cost
48 x 72$4300$4470At Cost
(The free shipping mentioned above is only within the continental USA.)