Painting Classes

Painting Classes

Each class will introduce new information with examples, instructor provided notes and a live demonstration followed by instructor-guided independent painting time.

All classes must be prepaid in cash or online with PayPal to reserve your spot in the class which has a maximum of 8 students.
Please call Michael at 215-260-6826 to schedule a quick studio tour and to prepay for the class.
Class costs:
* $20 per class (plus supplies) or $70 for 4 weeks of classes
*  Student supplied painting supplies (see class description for a supply list)
*  Easels will be supplied.

Location:  Michael Ressler’s Studio & Gallery in Audubon, PA

Introduction to Acrylic/Oil Painting

DatesTBD 7:00 – 9:00

In this series of introductory classes you will familiarize yourself with the different materials used in acrylic painting.  Emphasis will be placed on scene selection and composition and use of value, color and light to achieve the results you always wanted! Great for beginners or artists that have worked in a different medium or have not painted for a while.

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Class #1:  Getting Started  (materials, scene selection, composition)
Class #2:  Painting With Value (simplify to 4 values)
Class #3:  Understanding Color  (color theory, complimentary palette)
Class #4:  Painting With Color (color mixing using a limited palette)
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Advanced Mini-Workshops

These classes are designed for students that have some recent art training or have completed the introductory painting classes. These classes may be taken individually as a “mini-workshop” or as a monthly group of advanced classes. Each class will introduce new information with examples, instructor provided notes and a live demonstration followed by instructor-guided independent painting time. Call Michael at 215-260-6826 for dates and to learn more about these workshops:

Dates TBD,  7:00 to 9:00,      $20 class or 2 nights for $35

  • Illusion of Form (2 nights)
    • The illusion of depth and form can be achieved through control of light within a painting. This class will focus on light direction, shadows, and reflected light.
  • Importance of Edges
    • Edges occur at all boundaries of all shapes within a painting as well as in a subject. Effective use of edges in a painting will greatly improve the quality of your painting and its impact to the viewer.
  • Using & Combining Photo References
    • Photographic references are GREAT resources for an artist. This class focuses on how to improve
      your photos, utilize the advantages and avoid the problems of photos, and how to make your painting better than your photo reference. You will also learn about and overcome the challenges of combing two or more photo references into a single painting.
  • Buildings in Perspective
    • The class will explain how to easily use one-point and two-point perspective to accurately portray buildings and other forms in a painting
  • Introduction to Still Life Painting (2 nights)
    • Still lifes are disciplined studies in color, value, edges, proportions, texture and paint quality. They teach valuable lessons because you have control of objects, lighting, view and composition.
  • Still Life Perspective
    • Building on the previous class, students will learn proper perspective of cups & plates (cylinders) in a still life. Students may paint either from an actual still life in class or from an instructor provided photograph.
  • Painting Water Reflections
    • Following a “Reflection Recipe” learn to paint different types of water reflections.
  • Start With Confidence
    • This class is a series of exercises to build the experience, and therefore the confidence, in the starting phases of the painting process. It is part of the foundational belief of these classes in the importance of “Paint Small, Often and Quickly”.
  • Painting Textures
    • Texture refers to the tactile quality suggested by the way the paint is applied in a picture. Textures can be rough, smooth, even or irregular. There should be a variety of textures in a painting, but one type should be dominant
  • Colors of Snow
    • Snow may at first seem pure white, but when you stop and analyze it, you’ll find
      that it is full of nuances of color
  • Improve with Exercises (3 nights)
    • This class will introduce the student to drawing and painting exercises that will improve their artistic perception. Better drawing skills will allow a painter to tackle more challenging subject matter that requires accurate artistic perception.
  • Plein Air Painting
    • Painting from life outdoors (in plein air) is both exciting and challenging. This class is to help you prepare, clarify the purpose, suggest a painting process and provide solutions to the many challenges with painting outdoors.
  • Study to Studio
    • Painting small and often is a great way for a beginner or advanced student to learn and quickly grow their painting skills. Eventually, however, a painter will want to create a larger painting. This class is to guide the student through the decisions and process to creating a larger painting.
  • Simplify & Separate
    • Are your paintings “busy” or “blend together”? This class will show you how to simplify, separate and add emphasis to your paintings.
  • Outdoor Sketching
    • This drawing class will cover line drawing, value drawing and perspective and how they can be used during outdoor sketching.
  • Self-Critique & Improving Your Paintings
    • Students will learn how to critique their own paintings, basic items to watch out for, and a variety of ways to improve a “completed” painting
  • and others…

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