Do You Create Art?


Purpose: is a social networking website for artists where they can receive constructive criticism from other artists. In addition, by reading critiques of other artwork and learning ways to evaluate art, an artist’s work will improve through self-critique of their own artwork. Photographs of an artist’s work may be posted for a public critique or private group critique. High School and College students may post their artwork for free.
How To Get Started:
To post or critique artwork, a person must first register by clicking on the ‘Log In’ link in the upper right, then click the ‘Register’ link. A user may then critique other user’s artwork, rating the artwork and providing a constructive comment. A user may upload a photo of their own artwork to be critiqued and optionally include 5 additional photos related to that piece of artwork. Each post costs only $1 and a new user automatically gets credit for 5 free posts. Users that post their artwork for public critique will be rewarded 1 “Post Credit” for each 10 paid, public postings.